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What about Wick?

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

There's more to know that you might expect about that little white bit of cotton that carries the flame of your beeswax candle.

The best wick for beeswax candles is cotton square-braid wick. I'll list a few reliable sources of this wick below. Most commercial candle molds will come with a recommended wick size, and that's a good starting place, although proper wicking can take some trial and error.

There is a wide variety of sizes. Sizes increase from #1 - #6. But there are sizes below #1 and these get smaller as you move from #1/0 to #5/0 (think 'below zero'). See the video for a visual comparison of these sizes and examples of the candles they are used in.

I have ordered candle supplies from all of these places and have been happy with the service and the product:

Busy Bee Candle Supply (Ontario)

Wicks and Wax (British Columbia)

Beemaid Store (Alberta)

Mann Lake (US)

Better Bee (US)


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