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4 Ingredient Lip Balm

This is one of our market best-sellers. It's easy to make, needs only a little bit of beeswax, and produces a very effective product that people keep coming back for!

The beeswax gives it great staying power, the peppermint oil gives a gentle cooling sensation on the lip, and you can easily pronounce the ingredients and rattle them off quickly to anyone who asks.

The Recipe

You can sub any butter or oil and the recipe will still work! If you use softer ingredients (ex. tallow), you may want to add 3-5g of beeswax.

It truly is as simple as melt and pour! But if you'd like to see me walk through the steps, check out the video tutorial below:

If you want to get the same kit as I use:

And to design your own labels using Avery's very user-friendly template:

And here is double boiler with a pouring spout that I wish I had bought:

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