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Rushing River Apiaries is a family-run honey and hive business based in Terrace, BC.  In 2016, we ordered two colonies of honeybees to add to our backyard garden.  Our whole family quickly came to love working with the bees and harvesting honey and we decided to grow our new hobby into a small family business.


In addition to our backyard hives, we now have apiaries hosted on four different properties in and around Terrace.  Our bees overwinter here and also forage in nearby fields and gardens to produce our delicious Wildflower Honey, while providing pollination for our gracious hosts.

During the summer months, when the fireweed is blooming at higher elevations, our hives are trailered into the mountains to forage.  Fireweed Honey has a very unique flavour that is highly sought after as a specialty honey.

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