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From Cappings to Candles: Cleaning your Cappings

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

This method of cleaning the honey out of your cappings leaves you with a delightful byproduct: honey whiskey!

All you need is a bottle of whiskey (don't buy the fancy stuff, the honey is what makes this special!) and a pail big enough to hold your cappings and the whiskey. I recommend a 26 oz. bottle of whiskey per 3L of cappings (very roughly).

I made a video because I was was so excited to show you, but it's really as simple as mix, sit, strain! I leave mine for 24 hours before straining.

The best part is that the alcohol dissolves the honey but does not alter the wax at all, leaving you with cappings that are ready to process! You can do a final rinse with water through your strainer to remove the lingering whiskey smell.



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