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What's the Buzz?

The Buzz is a beekeeping blog by Master Beekeeper, Christine McDonald.

Through these articles, I share my experiences and advice in a way that is concise and easy to understand.  If you would like me to speak at an upcoming club meeting or event, you can learn more about my speaking engagements here.  And if you've found this valuable and would like to buy me a cup of tea, you can do so here

Bee well!

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Let me help you build confidence and success as a beekeeper, not matter what level you are currently at!

Join the Hive and get access to a private Instagram group full of timely and practical beekeeping advice with live "office hours" and direct message assistance from TWO experienced Master Beekeepers.

Looking for a complete beekeeping course? I've got you covered!  Sign up for my virtual beginner course - Beekeeping with Confidence - if you're just getting started, or Beekeeping in Year 2 and Beyond if you're looking to level up!

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