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Replacing a Blown Extractor Fuse

A minute ago you were spinning honey, and now the extracting room's gone quiet. Chances are, you've blown a fuse. Fixing an extractor fuse is a 5 minute job (plus the time to run to the hardware store). I hope that this will save you time if this is your first time fixing a blown extractor fuse.

First, make sure everything is unplugged so you don't get zapped. Open up the control box using a screwdriver.

You will see two glass fuses inside the box. If you look really closely, you should be able to see which one has a broken filament inside (chances are, it will be the one labelled ARM).

Pop the broken fuse out and take it to the hardware store with you.

If you look really closely at the top of the fuse, you'll see how many amps it is. Look for a number before the letter A. That's the size fuse you need to buy.

I had to go with an assorted pack that included the 2A fuse I needed.

Pop it in where the broken fuse was, close everything back up, and you'll be spinning again!


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