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Newbees, Start Here!

Your bees are on the way. Sh!t's about to get real. Here is a small collection of the very basics of getting started with bees.

How to Install A Nuc

How to Install a Package

I have not bought a package since our very first bees years ago, long before I was making videos. So I have found a video that I think does a good job of demonstrating best practices.

What's Next?

The next 7-10 days might be the hardest days of being a new beekeeper. You need to leave the bees alone! I know, I know. It's like having a new puppy and not being allowed to play with it. But your bees need time settle in and turn that empty box into a home.

Your First Inspection

Watch this video before your first inspection. This first experience is more of an opportunity to get to know your bees a little bit and to figure out some basics like where to sit stuff, how to use your hive tool, and how to handle the frames. If you manage to remove some frames, watch some bees, and put things back together in the right order, your first inspection was a perfect success. No pressure.

My next few blog posts will be a collection of photos and videos to help new beekeepers know what they're looking at inside the hive. Stay tuned!


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