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Inner Cover Insulation

Updated: Apr 30

This is a winter hack that we tried for the first time this year and found to be very successful so it will become part of our yearly overwintering strategy.

If you're not a video-watcher, I've got you:

We used a layer of 'shiny bubble wrap' (hot water tank insulation) under our inner cover, directly on top of the bees. We cut a small notch so that the bees still had access to the top entrance.

We found that it formed a really nice seal around the top of the hive. We did not get any condensation on it because it reflects so much warmth from the hive (unlike on the cold wood of the inner cover where we often see condensation.

As far as timing, we put it on in the fall as soon as we are done feeding, and leave it on in spring until we are ready to feed again (it blocks the feeding hole in the top cover).

It's a simple and inexpensive trick that we feel worked very well for our bees!

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