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Assembling a Bee Box

Updated: Apr 30

Bee boxes are most commonly sold pre-cut but unassembled. Putting them together is a fairly simple task, but you do want to make sure that they are going to be sturdy enough to last years. In the video below, I demonstrate our process for assembling 10-frame deep boxes.

What you need

Before you get started, you may need to make a quick trip to the hardware store. This is what we use when we are building boxes:

  • Hammer and nails OR a nail gun

  • Wood glue (TightBond 3 is best)

  • Rubber mallet

  • Rags

  • Blunt-nose pliers with a wire snip

  • Long wood clamps (we use 3)

  • Eye and ear protection (especially if using a nail gun)

Watch Me Build a Box

The How-To

For those who prefer to read or want some notes to take to the shop, here's the quick step-by-step:

  1. Grab 2 short ends and apply glue to one side of each (I hold them side by side). Make sure to get a dab of glue on both sides and the bottom of each notch.

  2. Set one of the short ends aside for a second and grab a long end. Line up the notches with the short end (make sure your handles are facing the same way!) and use the rubber mallet to join them.

  3. Grab the short end that you had set aside. Stand it up under the long end and use the mallet to join them.

  4. You now have 3/4 of the box put together. Flip this so that the long end is on the workbench and both short ends are sticking up.

  5. Apply glue to the other side of both short ends (the ones now sticking up).

  6. Grab your final long end and use the mallet to join it to the two short ends (again, make sure your handles are all facing the same way!).

  7. You now have a full box. Stand it tall on one of the short ends.

  8. Use a clamp on both sides of the top short end. If you need to, use the mallet to close the joints completely. If necessary, you can use a third vertical clamp to help with this. There should be glue oozing out of the joints that you can wipe away with a rag.

  9. Nail both sides of the short end that is facing up.

  10. Flip the whole box over and move the clamps to the other end (now the top).

  11. Use the mallet to ensure that the joints are closed.

  12. Nail both sides of the short end that is facing up.

  13. Remove the clamps and set them aside.

  14. Nail both sides of each long end.

  15. Taadaa! You build a bee box!

Looking for more?

Looking for more beekeeping education? You can find my virtual, on-demand beginner and intermediate courses at

Or if you'd prefer a more tailored experience, you can join my mentorship group at

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