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Why Join the Hive?

Beekeeping is hard. Every time you open your hive, there's a new surprise and googling or asking questions on social media gives you a dozen different answers that can't all be right!

That's what we're here for.

We are two Cornell-certified Master Beekeepers with thousands of hive inspections under our belts.  We both run successful beekeeping businesses (with two completely different business models!) and we love to help others find their stride.

Let us help you build your confidence and success as a beekeeper, whether you're doing your very first hive inspections, or dreaming of how to scale your hobby into a business.

Christine & Andie

Join the Hive

What do I get when I join the HIVE?

Your Hive subscription will give you access to an exclusive beekeeping community on Instagram. Through this members-only page, Andie and I will share bite-sized bee education relevant to the season and the needs of our members.  A simple organizational system will make it easy to find past content on any topic.

We will host live "office hours" twice a month, giving you an opportunity to ask questions and get answers in real time, and hear what others are asking. These lives will be saved on the page so you can always refer back to them.

Plus, you are welcome to dm us with your questions specific to your own hive(s) and your unique situation, and we'll reply with practical advice based on the most current bee research.

Join us today and let us help you become a more confident and successful beekeeper!

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