Join Our Hive Educational Tours

Come join our hive and explore deep inside a busy honeybee colony!


We are excited to offer Terrace youth the exciting opportunity to join us for an apiary tour and live hive inspection.  Fully suited up in protective equipment, we will explore deep inside a busy honeybee colony and watch as the bees convert nectar to honey, collect and store pollen, raise their young, and care for their queen.  During this immersive experience, students will learn about the essential role of bees in our food supply chain, threats to bee health and how beekeepers manage them, and the various hive products that humans enjoy (it’s more than just honey!).


A Join Our Hive Educational Experience lasts approximately two hours and takes place at our apiary at the Spotted Horse Farm and Nursery on Graham Ave in Terrace.  This project was originally proposed as a field trip opportunity for local elementary school classes, and we hope that it will be offered as such in the future.  For this year, given the restrictions around social gatherings due to COVID-19, we are offering the experience to local students and their immediate families.  The cost is $30 per session, with a maximum of six participants from the same household.  The funds raised through these tours will support future educational programs.


This project is supported by the BC Bee Program; delivered by the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC with funding from the Government of British Columbia.