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Hot Sauce
  • Three distinct and delicious hot sauces made with fresh ingredients, no preservatives, and our local wildflower honey!

    Bee Heat is honey first. It’s nice and sweet with some ACV for acidity and just a lip-tingle of heat. It’s kid friendly and amazing on pizza, wings, or even chocolate cake! Bee heat is about 2/10 for heat.

    Supercedure is made with blueberries and beets in the ferment, and raw honey for a little extra sweetness at the front, and habanaros bring the heat. This one also has a bit of cumin so it’s perfect for taco night or on creamy winter soups. This one rates about 7/10 for heat.

    Swarm is the hottest of our sauces (so far!). It is made with a double ferment: the habaneros are fermented in brine, and that is blended with a second, much longer ferment of garlic in honey. It’s got a nice full honey garlic flavour. It’s a great way to add a punch of flavour to any bland food. This one is close to 8/10 for heat.

    Torpor was made with Turkey dinner (or leftovers!) in mind. Honey fermented cranberries add a tartness without the fruitiness of a cranberry sauce, and Fresno peppers give it a lovely fresh pepper flavour. We added a tiny bit of ghost pepper for bite, but don’t be afraid of that on the ingredient list; this one still comes in at only 5/10 for heat.

    Hot Sauce

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