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Welcome new members!  

If you are on Instagram, please be sure to message me with the code word from your welcome email so that I can add you to my close friend list.  Much of the value of your HIVE subscription comes from the day-to-day sharing that I do on there, delivering bite-sized bits of bee education that, over time, will grow into a broad understanding of bees and beekeeping.

Thank you for being here, 


What is the HIVE?


Hi! I'm Christine McDonald from Rushing River Apiaries.

When you join my HIVE, I become your mentor and your cheerleader.  


The HIVE is your one-stop-shop for straightforward and reliable advice about all things beekeeping. 


It is continuous education in bite-sized pieces that are easy to digest and put into practice. 


Through exclusive stories on Instagram, and well as a private blog and YouTube channel, I will deliver continuous education throughout the year on monthly topics relevant to that season.

As a member, you will have access to all past content for as long as you subscribe.

Let me help you become a more confident beekeeper!

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