Meet the Keepers

This is the Rushing River team: Tavis, Christine, River, and Rush. We truly are a family-run business, and even the kids (River, age 6; and Rush, age 3) are often suited up and working with us or off playing and picnicking in the fields when our work lasts longer than their interest.

Like any family or business, we each bring different strengths and skills to the mix. Tavis is the dreamer, Christine is the realist. Tavis is the builder, Christine is the expense tracker. Tavis is the colony splitter, Christine is the queen rearer. But both of us love to get our hands into the hives and our most frequent argument is who gets to do bee work on any given day.

This is our labour of love, and we thank you all for supporting us on our journey!


Rushing River Apiaries

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