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Welcome to


Welcome to my HIVE


You're taking a giant leap towards better confidence and success as a beekeeper!

And I'm here as your mentor and cheerleader as you learn and grow.

Thank you for joining me, 


If you are joining the HIVE via the OFF-GRID HOMESTEAD BUNDLE, you need to find and use the access code that was sent to your email with your purchase. The code will be the same for all course offerings and subscriptions in the bundle.  


Choose the annual plan below and enter the code.


You will be asked to enter PayPal info when you subscribe to the HIVE, just like with an app subscription.  To avoid being automatically charged a year from now (when your one year from the bundle ends), please just cancel your subscription right away.  Like with app subscriptions, you’ll still get access for the whole year. 


If you do not have PayPal, send me an email at and I can set you up manually. 

Choose your Subscription Type

  • The Hive

    Every month
    • Access to exclusive video and blog content via our website
    • Exclusive Instagram content through Stories
    • Preferential message response from Christine
    • Two 30-minute zoom mentorship calls with Christine per year
  • Hive (Annual)

    Every year
    • The same as our Hive membership, but with a price break!
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